Not a Divi Plugin, but useful to Divi developers, the Bloom Redirection plugin does exactly what is says, allows you to set up redirection urls for your Bloom optin forms.

Installed as a stand alone plugin, it adds a new menu item (Bloom Redirections) to your admin menu and you simply enter the url you want the optin form to redirect to once the user has successfully subscribed.

It still retains the standard Bloom ‘Success’ or ‘Failure’ messages and simply redirects to the url of your choosing. Make it point to a simple thank you page, your shop page or something brand new. The possibilities are endless.

Bloom redirection plugin

Bloom Redirects

The simplest of forms for the most powerful of extensions.

Bloom Redirects

Exclusive to Elegant Marketplace

Try the sign up and download button to see an example of how you can use this to present a download to a visitor, after they sign up to your newsletter.

You can also use the Bloom Subscribe form below this article to see the redirection in action. (Note: either of these options will subscribe you to my newsletter, which you can unsubscribe from later if you want to.)

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