Rebrand DE allows you to create the ultimate white label solution for your Divi or Extra theme powered website.

  • Rebrand the Divi Builder and all Divi Builder related Settings
    • Recolour the Divi Builder
    • Resize (full screen) the Divi Builder
    • Change the word ‘Builder’ in the Divi Builder screens
  • Rebrand the Div/Extra menu and Divi/Extra Theme Settings
  • Hide the Divi/Extra menu item
  • Hide the Rebrand DE plugin from the plugins lists, or hide the plugins menu entirely
  • Hide Appearance sub menus (themes, customizer and editor) or hide the Appearance menu entirely.
  • Hide the Updates menu item
  • Hide the Rebrand DE menu item
  • Hide the Div/Extra theme from the front end of your website
    • Rebrands any instance of Divi in the source code, including paths to style sheets and javascript files
    • Rebrands any Divi specific element attributes in the source code, including font and style sheet element ids (eg <link rel=’stylesheetid=’divi-style-css‘)
    • Option to Minify HTML/CSS and JavaScript
  • Settings are not applied to the user who installs/uses the Rebrand DE plugin for the first time (Rebrand User)
    • Optionaly you can set it to apply the settings to the Rebrand User as well (for testing purposes)
  • Works with both the Divi and Extra themes
  • Support added for NGINX servers (by way of NGINX configuration instructions)
  • Tested on Divi 3.0 (beta)

While Rebrand DE will hide Divi in your source code and therefore may fool some theme detectors, it will not hide your theme from all detectors. Theme detectors are updated from time to time we cannot guarantee that your Rebranded site will always stay undetected.

Click here to read the Knowledge Base article for advanced setups (eg nginx)

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